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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Today I'm reading Proverbs 16:1-3 (CEV).
We humans make plans,
but the LORD has the final word.
We may think we know what is right,
but the LORD is the judge of our motives.
Share your plans with the LORD,
and you will succeed.

Maybe you've heard the expression: If you chase two rabbits, both will escape.

I know this is true for my dog Bailey...more with squirrels than rabbits. He goes after a pair of squirrels and seemingly right on cue they split for separate trees and Bailey's caught in the middle. His hesitation allows both squirrels the time they need to vamoose.

Focus. That's something I struggle with no matter what the issue. I need prolonged concentration in my study, writing and sermon preparation. I need it when I am in a meeting that goes too long. When I'm listening to someone in a counseling session. When I'm at home at the dinner table. It is so easy to let the mind wander. And we're raising a generation that seems to pride itself on multi-tasking. But as someone said recently, multi-tasking just means giving less of your attention to a variety of things, which means you do each one more poorly than you should. I guess that's OK on unimportant things. But for the important stuff we need to train our minds to concentrate.

This is true in the spiritual life, too. Focus for our prayer. Focus for our Bible study. Focus for our conversation. Focus for our caring. Focus for our relationships. Without focus life becomes very random and we bounce from one thing to another like a pin-ball game. And at the end of it we usually feel frustrated with what we have not been able to accomplish.

So this week, let's focus!!!

Today's prayer: May all I do today begin with you, O Lord. Plant dreams and hopes within my soul, revive my tired spirit: be with me today. May all I do today continue with your help, O Lord. Be at my side and walk with me. Be my support today. May all I do today reach far and wide, O Lord. My thoughts, my work, my life: make them blessings for your kingdom; let them go far beyond today and touch the future. In Jesus Name, Amen.

May you sense His power in your life today.


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